Caucasian Ovcharka Club of America
U.S. Breed Founders for Preservation - Est. 1991

The Caucasian Ovcharka (Mountain Dog) Club of America, Inc. (COCA) was established in 1991 for the preservation, recognition and responsible promotion of the authentic Caucasian Mountain Dog in the United States. COCA offers accurate breed information, owner support, sponsors National Specialty Shows, publishes a newsletter, and assists with rescue/rehoming. Code of Ethics. Open membership. Please join us.

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P.O. Box 227
Chardon, Ohio 44024

This website is dedicated to TOPUSH, first registered Caucasian Mountain Dog in the United States, whose beauty, loving nature, and flawless character have set the standard for the breed in this country.

"A Club is comprised of PEOPLE with a COMMON INTEREST which forwards COMMON GOALS."

Aspired to by the US Breed founding kennel beginning in 1991 for the protection of the breed in America.

(Photos above: Stacey Kubyn, Esquire Caucasians, and first US imports)


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