Mission and Code of Ethics

Esquire Caucasians' Multi- Best-in-Show CEZAR
scores 100% on the Eastern Rarebreed temperament test.

COCA was formed in 1991 for these purposes:

-To encourage and promote qualty in the breeding of pure-bred Caucasian dogs and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection;
-To urge members and breeders to accept the Club breed standard, adapted from the USSR and FCI breed standard, as the standard of excellence by which the breed shall be judged;
-To encourage the organization of independent local specialty clubs where there are sufficient fanciers of the breed;
-To conduct specialty shows;
-To do all in its power to advance the interests of the breed, to protect the breed from exploitation, and the encourage sportsmanlike competition at dogs shows and obedience trials;
-To achieve recognition for the breed in the US.

"I chose COCA because it was the more ethical and professional organization, and because they were doing so much for the breed. As Stacey said then and says now, "Working with a breed is more than just breeding. It's researching the breed, studying it, promoting it, and even enjoying your dogs. Breeding is only a very small part of it."

-T. Follett, ThunderHawk
Subject: Re: Caucasian Ovcharkas/Hips
Newsgroups: rec.pets.dogs.breeds
Date: 1995/05/26

The Caucasian Ovcharka (Mountain Dog) Club of America Code of Ethics serves to memorialize the goals of the Caucasian Ovcharka (Mountain Dog) Club of America. A copy of the Code in its entirety is available through the INFO REQUEST link on this site.

The COCA Code of Ethics calls for breeders to place emphasis upon the working ability and other outstanding qualities of character of the breed as well as upon appearance. The goal is the propagation of physically, mentally and temperamentally sound Caucasian Mountain Dogs of proper breed type.

The CODE also requires that owners and breeders :
Maintain good standards of health and care;
Breed discriminatingly abd keep accurate records;
Breed normal, healthy dogs, of correct temperament;
Abide by the BREED STANDARD;
Work to reduce hip dysplasia in the breed;
Provide a sales contract and guarantee;
Spay/neuter dogs with serious defects;
Advertise responsibly.

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